T-Mobile to close Lenexa call center

LENEXA, Kan. - Four hundred T-Mobile employees will soon find themselves moving or without a job in Lenexa.

The company announced Thursday it is consolidating its 24 call centers to just 17. As a result of a smaller customer base and lower call volumes, the company said there is a need to consolidate the centers.

One of the centers is in Lenexa. The closure of the center in Lenexa will affect 400 of the company's approximately 980 employees in the state.

"We're disappointed to lose a good corporate citizen, and the jobs and to have an empty space in this area. Not just in Lenexa, but in this area we've seen a fair amount of this in the last few years with companies closing up shop or moving to another area," said Andy Huckaba of the Lenexa City Council, Ward 4. "We have to work through this and make sure we have a good environment to attract the next business."

Company officials said the employees can transfer to another center or go without a job.

The closest call center facilities are in Wichita and Springfield, Mo.

The closure will happen by the end of June.

The Lenexa call center has been in operation since 2004.

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