Buyers complain of PS4 glitches

(WCPO) - Sony sold more than 1 million copies of its new  Playstation 4 in the first weekend it was on sale, and the newest video game console is now very hard to find anywhere.

But not everyone who bought one is thrilled.

Problems Started Right Away

Joseph Jones of Northern Kentucky was was one of the lucky people who got their hands on a new PS4 on release day. But his luck ran out when he tried to get his new gaming console up and running.

"It never loaded," he said. "Did this right here, is what you see. Just a blue line."

Gaming websites are calling it the "Blue Light of Death" (Or "Blue Line of Death").

So Jones called Sony, and after a very long wait, a rep gave him some suggestions for repairing the BLoD."After being on hold for 4 hours," he said, "they said check the HDMI cord."

But he said none of the suggestions, from rebooting to changing cords, worked.

So the rep said he would have to exchange it. But even that wasn't easy, Jones said, because "before I could confirm my address I got disconnected."

Many Complaints Online

Online forums claim hundreds, if not thousands of users (out of a 1 million early buyers) are experiencing blue line lockup with their new PS4s.

Others report the console shutting down while playing.

Sony, however, says less than .5 percent of owners are having problems, which is better than normal for a brand new gaming system.  And it says it is working on fixes.

Sony has just  set up a troubleshooting guide for those having problems.

Jones, meantime, decided to stand in line at GameStop the next day and buy another one.

So he now has a working PS4, which he loves, and a dead one, which he doesn't.
As always, don't waste your money.

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