AAA auto mechanics ready to answer your car questions

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Some of the area's best auto mechanics will be in studio Tuesday night to answer your car questions. Whether you drive a shiny new car or an old clunker, they can help.

AAA reports a lot of car problems can be avoided with some simple maintenance.

"If your car is having trouble starting in nice weather when it's 40 degrees, then it probably won't even start when it's 4 degrees," Tom Keegan of Hyde Park Service in Kansas City said.  

According to AAA statistics, most calls for service in Kansas City during the cold snap involves a bad battery, followed by flats and frozen locks.

"Actually have your battery tested. You can bring it to any garage. Most auto parts store will do that for you for free," Keegan said.   

Service experts recommend keeping a close eye for corrosion around the battery; check your oil, wiper fluid and anti-freeze while the car engine is cold too.

"Poor anti-freeze concentration in the car will cause the heater to actually freeze up so you won't even have any heat," Keegan said.

If you have a question for the AAA auto experts, call the Call for Action hotline at 816-932-4321 Tuesday afternoon between 4 and 6:30 p.m.

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