BBB lists the top 10 scams of 2012

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Earn money while shopping!  How about borrowing money at an incredibly low rate?  Or why not let the president pay your utility bills?

Do these offers sound too good to be true?  They have made the list of the Better Business Bureau's Top Ten Scams of 2012.

According to the BBB, loan scams still fester. They offer no credit check or easy repayment. Here's the catch: You may be charged an upfront payment, an insurance policy or other fees. 

Jana Castanon with Apprisen helps consumers with debt and housing counseling.

She often sees Kansas City consumers in financial trouble, taken advantage of by offers of help that cost them money.

"We're still seeing consumers coming in that have been ripped off by other companies telling them they can help save their homes," Castanon said. 

Other top scams we've told you about include the grandparent scam, where someone posing as a grandchild in trouble calls the grandparent and convinces them to wire money.

The mystery shopping scam is where the phony company pays you to shop, sending you a bogus check, then wants you to wire back some of the money.

The storm chaser scam always happens following destructive weather like what happened after Hurricane Sandy. Fly-by-night contractors work fast to take your cash. 

And within hours following the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting, scam artists claiming to be with Newtown charities went to work asking for money. The BBB lists that as its top scam of 2012.

The BBB Wise Giving Alliance offers tips on the best way to offer support to those dealing with tragedy.  To check out a contractor before hiring them, go to

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