Beware of Boston Marathon donation scams

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - As details surrounding the Boston tragedy unfold, more and more people want to help by opening their hearts and wallets.

Reports have surfaced about bogus websites and a fake twitter account asking users to retweet for donations.

According to the New York Daily News, more than 20 donation websites were registered Monday, with domain names like, and

If you want to donate, the Better Business Bureau suggests you take time to check out the charity.

Most states -- including Missouri and Kansas -- require charities to register with that state's Attorney General's office.

You can check to see if they're registered online.

Be cautious with unfamiliar websites, texts or emails, especially if you are asked to provide personal financial information.

Find out how the money will be spent. Avoid vague appeals that don't identify how the money will be used.

Ask the charity if your donation is tax deductible. Keep in mind contributions to a specific family or person are not deductible as charitable donations.

The BBB offers additional tips to help you decide how to donate. Find more information here:

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