Blue Cross Blue Shield advises to check ACA coverage

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Are you covered?  That is a question being asked by many who now signed up for health insurance by way of the Affordable Care Act.

Changing deadlines add to the confusion for many consumers.  Healthcare coverage began for many on January 1.  In an unusual move, many health insurance providers extended the payment deadline to later in the month.  Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas City extended the payment deadline to January 7.

"We've been reaching out to all of the individuals that signed up with us to ensure that payments were received timely," Wayne Powell of Blue Cross Blue Shield KC said.

The insurance provider now said not everyone who signed up by the first of the year made that payment deadline.

No matter your provider, experts recommend contacting the company to make sure it has received payment and that you are covered.

The next deadline is Wednesday, January 15 to sign up for coverage to begin on February 1.

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