Call for Action does a price check on Walgreens

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - In August, the Missouri Attorney General had strong words for Walgreens.

"The level of deception we have seen in our investigation is appalling and unacceptable," Chris Koster said. 

Koster announced the results of an investigation by his office which purchased more than 200 items at Walgreens stores across Missouri. They bought items advertised on sale with a discount card. Koster said Walgreens charged the higher, non-sale price 43 times or 20 percent of the items.

"It's going to be fixed in the state of Missouri," Koster said.   

Since that time, Call for Action conducted its own investigation. One day, armed with a shopper's card, we shopped at six Walgreens stores across the metro. We bought an assortment of stuff from cereal to snacks; everything was on sale.

Checking the advertised price with the receipt, Walgreens charged the correct price for each item.

A spokesman for Walgreens issued a statement saying, "We have a 112-year history of acting in our customers' best interests and earning their trust...we always seek to continuously improve, and we welcome feedback on areas where we are not meeting customer expectations." 

The spokesman added that if a customer sees a lower price displayed, the store will honor it even if the sale has ended.

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