Consumer Electronics Association predicts high sellers for holiday season

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Are you making your wish list for Christmas?   The Consumer Electronics Association, the trade association that represents the electronics industry, has a list of what it predicts consumers will be asking for this year.  

For the third straight year, tablet computers top the list of electronics people want. 

The CEA said some of the big sellers this season include the iPad Air, Kindle Fire HDX, Samsung Galaxy and Microsoft Surface.  

"We have a lot of choices, operating systems and screen sizes and in prices for tablet computers," Jim Barry, spokesman for Consumer Electronics Association said. 

Wide screen TV's will also be a big seller again; this year, wider and thinner will be in. 

"I've got the Sony's 55 inch Ultra High Definition TV.  This is a TV with four to eight times as many pixels," Barry said. "You want even bigger? I have the Sharp 70 inch. These are great." 

Smart phones will continue to be big gift items as will cases that supply battery backup.   

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