Counterfeit cashier's check arrives in local mailboxes

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - If you get a letter in the mail claiming you've won, do not spend the money right away. 

A letter claiming the recipient has won $125,000 is winding up in metro area mailboxes.  

Included in that letter is a check for $3,875 for "payment of applicable Government Taxes on your big winnings," the letter states. 

Jo Ann Newman keeps close watch over her husband Virgil who is disabled. When a letter arrived stating he had won the $125,000, she immediately questioned it. 

"It's very scary that there's people out there that would take advantage of unsuspecting disabled or elderly people," Newman said. 

The letter comes from a financial group in Canada. Call For Action called the number listed on the letter and spoke to a man who said he was a claim agent. The man said the letters were legitimate. But when questioned more, he began to swear and then hung up the phone. 

The $3,875 check appears to have been written by a California-based company. Call For Action contacted that company, and a representative confirmed the checks are bogus. The company has gotten calls from people across the country who have received the checks. 

The people behind the scam hope consumers will deposit the check then send them money before realizing the check is no good.

"I think that they should go to work for a living and stop trying to take advantage of poor innocent people," Newman said. 

The US Department of Treasury issued a statement about this type of activity earlier this year which includes tips on how to protect yourself. Find out more at

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