Couple out thousands after used car dealership fails to give title to SUV

HARRISONVILLE, MO - Cassandra and Justin Cameron thought they found the car of their dreams, a BMW X5 SUV for sale on a local car dealer's website.

When the price dropped to $14,500, the Harrisonville couple thought it was time to make an offer.

"All the pictures were nice. We decided to go ahead and take the leap and buy the vehicle," Cassandra said.

They went to TSM Enterprises, a car lot at 85th and Troost in Kansas City and bought it.

They left with the BMW, temporary tags and a promise to have the title sent to them. That never happened.

The Camerons called and said they heard a lot of excuses.

"The stories of going and fighting fires in Colorado and taking the title with him, getting stranded in the middle of Kansas… We knew that was false," she said.

The dealership owner, Troy Murdock, and TSM enterprises are named in a lawsuit filed by a financing company.

The suit claims TSM borrowed money for inventory but didn't make a payment and owes over $55,701.

The Camerons hired an attorney. 

"Missouri law says if you're going to sell a car, you have to pass title concurrently with the sale of the car. He clearly didn't do that," Harrisonville attorney T.R. Hoefle said. 

The couple agreed to spare the legal expense and give the BMW to the lender, which is looking for eleven other cars, once part of Murdock's inventory.

The dealership appears closed.  Murdock did not answer the door of his Kansas City home when I stopped by two times.  When reached by phone, Murdock said he's done nothing wrong.

Murdock also did not show for court the day Justin and Cassandra Cameron got a judgment in their favor against TSM.

"We're going to be lucky if we get our money back out of the vehicle in the end," Cassandra said.

If you buy a used car and the dealer does not give you title in a matter of days, your best court of action is to report it to the Attorney General's office in the state where you live.

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