Couple wins fight to avoid foreclosure

HOLT, Mo. - Tim and Lindey Craft can finally breathe a sigh of relief now that their two-year fight to modify their home loan is over.

"We are actually feeling somewhat free and happy," Tim said.

"I'm very, very thankful that we are sitting here today," Lindey said.

Two years ago, illness and unemployment led to the threat of foreclosure for the couple.

Their home sits in a quiet, rural area north of Kansas City.  They tried to modify their loan through mortgage holder Bank of America. They say they repeatedly submitted documents only to be asked to resubmit them again.

They got nowhere.

The couple contacted Call for Action this summer for help who connected them with CHES, Inc., a HUD approved non-profit organization that helps homeowners avoid foreclosure. 

The organization said the problems facing the Crafts are common. 

"Nonprofit organizations like CHES, Inc., we work as an advocate for the consumer so we are able to level that playing field and give them a little more advantage," Ron Farmer of CHES said.

Since this summer, the Crafts' mortgage has been sold to another lender. In recent days, the couple learned their modification went through; their monthly payments will drop by nearly $300.

"The weight of the world has come off our shoulders," Tim said.

To contact CHES, Inc., call 816-533-7417.  

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