Delta warns consumers about possible scam claiming free plane tickets

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. - An offer to fly anywhere in the United States, free of charge! Sounds tempting. 

David Yarnevich of Overland Park, Kan., got the offer in the form of a post card recently. 

"I took one look at it and immediately was fairly suspicious of it," Yarnevich said.  

The offer states that Yarnevich had won two free round trip tickets to anywhere in the U.S.  If he called within 48 hours, he could get a three day, two night free hotel stay as well. Delta Airline's logo and picture of a jet appeared on the card. 

"In between the Google search, I pretty much had an answer in ten seconds that this was something bogus," he said.

Delta issued a phishing alert on the website after getting complaints from customers about fraudulent emails, social media sites, postcards and gift cards claiming to be from Delta.

The airline states the message was not sent by Delta and recommends SkyMile members change their account pin and password, as well as monitor their account for any misuse. 

"I would hate for someone to fall victim to something like this," Yarnevich said. 

Yarnevich also contacted the Johnson County District Attorney's office to file a complaint

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