Scammers take advantage of heat related utility bills

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The brutal heat wave combined with skyrocketing utility bills have proved the perfect combination for scam artists.

The "Obama Utility Bill Pay Scam" continues to go across the country.

Scammers contact customers, claiming the president is applying up to $1,500 toward utility bills - but only after they make an immediate payment. Through this scheme, scammers are hoping to gain personal information like social security numbers.

The Better Business Bureau of Greater Kansas City has received calls from people who have fallen for it and continues to remind people the dangers of this scam. 

"Some people have called in and said that they gave their information, and then they felt like it was wrong afterward," explained Aaron Reese. 

Victims should contact the Federal Trade Commission's ID theft hotline, 1-877-IDTHEFT (1877-438-4338).

Complaints can be filed on the FTC's website.

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