Four ways to protect your wallet following Target data breach

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Now that the holiday season has wrapped up, some shoppers remain a bit skittish and worry about pulling out the credit cards following the Target security breach.

Shannon Daughtery, a Target regular, said she recently received a fraud alert email from her bank telling her someone else was trying to use her credit card.  She said this happened just a day after she used it at Target. Her bank cannot confirm it was connected to the Target breach, but she is suspicious.

"It does make you nervous. It makes you leery to use your card to make a big purchase," Daughtery said.

The Cleveland Plain Dealer reports this security breach should be a lesson to everyone.  Here are some things we all can do to protect our wallets. 

1) Monitor your account often. Do not just wait for your monthly statement.
2) Set up account alerts to your email or cell phone so you get a call if there is an unusual transaction.
3) For debit cards, link them to a smaller checking account and not the account you use to pay the rent or mortgage.
4)  Set your debit card so a pin number is required for transactions.

Security experts say a debit card with a pin number required is 15 times harder to steal than one that you can swipe in credit mode.

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