Handmade sandal maker promises to fill customers' orders

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. - The owner of a popular handmade sandal business admits he screwed up and failed to deliver the goods as promised.

Stephen Bonanno of Stephen Bonanno Sandals says his problems stem from a one-day 50 percent off sale he advertised earlier this year.  The unique footwear normally costs over $100 a pair.

Bonanno claims to have been inundated with thousands of orders for the handmade sandal. 

"We had a downfall that was a tailspin and a screw up on my part because I should have capped it," Bonanno told our Scripps station in West Palm Beach, Fla. "We had 4,000 people that ordered in one day and it just threw us for a loop."

Sheri Reymond and Amy Hammons of Johnson County, Kan., ordered online and paid for their new sandals back in January. They still continue to wait for them to be delivered.

"Just getting nothing in return for this is a little frustrating," Hammons said. 

We caught up with Bonanno while he was moving out of his store and into another location where he said they will continue to make sandals and fill online orders. He promises to fill all the orders.

"We're working on it," Bonanno said. 

 Bonanno said he has 300 orders to fill, which should take two months to finish.  We'll continue to follow this.

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