Human error blamed for mistake in one homeowner's KCP&L bill

SPRING HILL, Kan. - Russ Green keeps a close eye on the electric meter at his home outside Spring Hill. 

When Green first saw his KCP&L bill for his September use, he was surprised. It came to $204, which Green said is double what he is used to paying.  Plus, his home was empty for much of September following the death of his mother.

"I was surprised. I couldn't understand how it got that high of a bill because we were gone out of the house for most of the month of September," Green said.   

Shortly after getting the bill, he saw a meter reader at his home for the monthly check that discovered an error apparently made by a previous reader.  

"She then told me, okay, now there's a problem," he said. 

KCP&L corrected the error and his bill dropped from $204 to $94.

A KCP&L spokesperson told Call for Action the mistake was due to human error, a dial misreading that was later caught by the next meter reader.  She said what happened to Green is an isolated incident. 

This week, 41 Action News reported on other Spring Hill homeowners stunned to see their recent December KCP&L bills double in some cases.  Friday, the utility company said they have rechecked meters of some homeowners who contacted them and found no errors.  They point to a rate hike and cold temperatures for the high bills in all electric homes.

KCPL says if you have questions about your bill, it is best to contact their customer service line. The numbers are 816-471-5275 or 888-471-5275 or via their website,

From now on, Green said he will keep a close eye on his meter and electric bill. 

"I think it's important for people to be looking at their bills," he said.

Next week, some Spring Hill homeowners plan to file a complaint with the Kansas Corporation Commission, which regulates public utilities.

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