Key to getting a tax refund quickly is preparation

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A new year means it is time to start thinking about taxes. This year, you will have to wait a little longer to get a refund.

The Internal Revenue Service will not start processing tax returns until Jan. 31. That is a week later than most years. The delay was caused by the government shutdown in October.

Kansas City based H&R Block reports 18 million taxpayers will file their returns in January. The company will open tax offices Monday, Jan 6.  If you want to get your refund as early as possible, it is best to get your taxes prepared and ready to send to the IRS by January 31

"Just understand, you may not be getting that refund in early February. It may be mid or late February," says H&R Block spokesman Gene King.  "Knowing that now, you can prepare for that."

The IRS says its needs time to program and test its tax filing system. Even though the agency will get a later start in processing returns, the April 15 tax deadline will stay in place.


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