Leawood landlord ordered to pay thousands in security deposit, fines and attorney fees

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Leawood, Kan. landlord Edy Hinton lost another courtroom battle and this time she is ordered to pay up.

Cecil and Marsha Garrett tried to rent one of Hinton's homes in Grandview, Mo., in 2011. 

The Garrett's paid $1,660 in a security deposit.  After that, they say Hinton failed to follow through on some much-needed improvements to the house so they asked for their money back.

When Hinton refused, they filed a lawsuit to collect.   Hinton then countersued, asking for $24,312.25 for breach of contract and $5,057 for damages to the home. 

Late last week, a Jackson County judge handed down his decision, ordering Hinton to pay the Garrett's $3,320 or two times the amount of the security deposit plus their attorney fees.  The total amount is $12,721.

"'Praise the lord!' That was their reaction. They were real happy," attorney Sherry DeJanes said of the Garrett's response to the judgment. "The one thing that really did please me was having the plaintiffs prevail completely on her counterclaim."

Days after the Garrett's civil trial, Hinton was ordered to begin mental treatment for a completely unrelated matter in Kansas involving felony theft charges. 

Hinton surrendered to Johnson County authorities three weeks ago.  She has been undergoing treatment at Larned State Mental Hospital.

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