Magazine warns about subscription bill collection scam

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A threatening letter arrives in the mail stating you owe money for a past magazine subscription. You may wonder if it's real are a rip off. 

A Call for Action viewer recently wrote in after receiving an intimidating letter with phrases like, "urgent letter," "final bill," and "sixth and final notice."  

The letter says to either pay the outstanding bill or it will be turned over to a third party for collection. The threatening letters says it comes from The Nation magazine.

The magazine's website warns about a magazine renewal scam.

"We have received many complaints about an unauthorized company targeting our subscribers with an invalid renewal offer," the website said.

You can see an example of a scam mailer and a list of different names the bogus company operates under.

"The individuals running this scam pose as legitimate subscription sales agents for T he Nation and other magazine publishers," the statement said.

The magazine's website warns consumers to be wary of companies that collect magazine subscriptions and renew them as a third-party agency.


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