How to make sure your donations get to those in need

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Grassroots efforts across the Kansas City area are underway to collect everything from clothes to canned goods for Oklahoma tornado victims.

Nicole Cagle and Ashli Salman collect goods like toys, toiletries, sunscreen and diapers. They plan to leave Thursday morning with a loaded U-Haul truck to deliver everything to people who need it.

"We are definitely going to make sure that all of these items get there," Salman said. 

Efforts will likely grow in the coming days.  

Before donating, you may want to consider asking the organizers some basic questions: What organizations are they working with in Oklahoma? How will the goods be transported and distributed? Where will the goods be stored when they get to the destination?

Both Cagle and Salman have been working with organizations like the University of Oklahoma and a Southern Baptist Church to determine what storm victims need and how to distribute everything.  

"I know that there are people in need right now and this is the one way I can help, I'm going to do it," Salman added. 

NBC News published a list of organizations actively involved in the recovery efforts. Find the list at

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