More people speak out about a grocery store receipt rip off

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - More small business owners step forward following a Call For Action report on an ad campaign that turned out to be a flop. 

To date, four business owners have contacted Call For Action, telling about their experience with Sean Pinedo and his company, Cooperative Marketing and Advertising. 

Shelly Mandacina owns The Little Store and Deli in North Kansas City. In March 2012, Mandacina says Pinedo sold her on an ad idea which promotes her business on the back of grocery store receipts. Mandacina liked the idea and paid Pinedo $360.  She never saw the ads or Pinedo again.

"I'm a small business. I work hard. My husband works hard," Mandacina said. "Even $360 is a lot of money to us to lose."

Call For Action has tried repeatedly to contact Pinedo by calling, stopping by his home and even going to his scheduled court appearances on civil matters. 

"My reaction was 'I know that guy. He did the same thing to me,'" said Jim Rooney who described his reaction when watching the first Call For Action report on Pinedo. 

Rooney owns this Aamco Transmission shop in Kansas City, North. He paid Pinedo $480 in December and never heard from him after that. This spring, Rooney was able to speak with a woman by phone at Cooperative Marketing and Advertising. 

"She said it was some mistake with the printing of the advertising. It would be running soon," Rooney said.

But the ads never appeared. 

Some of the small businesses owners who are out money have also contacted the Missouri Attorney General's office to file a complaint.  To do so, click here.

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