Olathe car dealership tries to distance itself from troubles of previous owners

Former business under investigation by DA

OLATHE, Kan. - Many customers of a now defunct Olathe car dealership who feel victimized appears to have grown.

Call For Action first reported on Pride Suzuki last summer, when the father of a man with mental disabilities contacted Call For Action after his son went to the Olathe dealership to pick up a prize as advertised.   The son left after feeling pressured into buying a used minivan.

Pride Suzuki is now closed.   Entirely new owners took over last Thanksgiving and renamed the business Olathe Auto Super Store. 

"We are not tied in with that old group what so ever," general manager Bill Dimitras said.

Dimitras said the new dealership continues to deal with the fallout caused by the previous owners.  They receive daily calls from past customers with car troubles.   

"We receive numerous calls about extended warranties and title issues," Dimitras said.    

Dimitras suggested past customers contact the Johnson County District Attorney's office for help.  

The DA's office recently filed a petition against the owners of Pride Suzuki to keep them from doing business in the future. Two former customers named in that petition did not receive a valid car title after buying a used car at Pride.

The DA also took action against a Louisiana base company called Traffic Jam Events, LLC. That company organized last summer's car sales event promising customers a free prize.

If you purchased a car from Pride Suzuki and are having issues, contact the Johnson County DA's office.  To contact the Consumer Protection Division , call (913) 715-3003.

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