Overdraft protection allows thieves to withdraw $3K from woman's bank account

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Roseann Herman recently stopped at an ATM to get some cash.

"I went to get money out and it turns out that three hours later someone else got money out," Herman said.

She doesn't know if a scammer installed a credit card skimmer to read her card numbers.

"I checked my bank account a couple of days later and was overdrawn, which hasn't happened in 30 years," she said.

Panicked, she called her ban who said someone had been using her debit card and also had her pin number.

Turns out, the overdraft protection she signed up for allowed the thieves to use her debit card number over and over again.

"I thought I had a $500 limit on my ATM.  When I went there, I took out two. Three hours later, they took out five. Then they started doing point of sale.  Every time they overdrew my account, my savings account would replenish that."

The bank would not comment on her case. Herman filed a fraud claim and finally got most of the money back.

Now, she warns others about one downside of overdraft protection. While it protects you from bouncing your checking account, it can also protect a thief who has your card number.

"I had no idea the overdraft protection would work that way," she said.

Herman says she is setting her daily ATM limit back to $500.

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