Red light camera error leads to arrest warrant

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A Kansas City man was surprised to find out a warrant had been issued for his arrest after failing to pay a red light camera ticket. He did not pay the ticket because he never got it in the mail.

"Initially, I was very upset because of the fact of having a warrant out for my arrest and not knowing about it," Steve Mills said. 

In November, a red light camera at the intersection of North Oak Trafficway and Vivion Road snapped a picture of a car owned by Mills going through the intersection. Mills believes his daughter was driving at the time. 

He was unaware of the ticket until a letter from a collection agency arrived in his mailbox. The letter informed him of a $125 fine and a warrant for his arrest. 

Mills lives on NE 75th Street. The letter was actually sent to the same house number but on NE 7th Street.

"It was dumb luck that we got the second piece of mail with the wrong address," Mills said.  

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Mills investigated and discovered the notice of violation notifying him about the ticket sent out by the Kansas City Municipal Court was also mailed to the wrong 7th Street address.  

Call For Action contacted the court administrator, who said the wrong address is likely a "data entry error", possibly by the red light vendor, American Traffic Solutions. She said errors like this are uncommon.

Mills can't help but wonder if other drivers have been ticketed and don't know it. 

"I got Call For Action involved. They reached out to a representative. That representative called me, and told me this was the first time that they had heard of this happening," he said.

Mills no longer has a warrant out for his arrest. He will still pay a $100 fine. The extra $25 late fee was removed after Call For Action contacted the court administrator.

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