Retiree searches for $5,000 organ after instrument consignment store closes

LEE'S SUMMIT, Mo. - Sam Shelley looked through the windows of a Lee's Summit consignment store, hoping to spot the organ he left to be resold. Now, Piersee Piano and Organ has been silenced.

When asked if he thinks he will get the organ back, Shelley said, "I hope so. If I don't, I want some money out of it one way or the other."

The soft spoken trucking industry retiree decided to downsize at home. Shelley hoped to sell the organ he enjoyed playing for family and friends.

"Everybody tells me you got pretty good with it," Shelley said with a chuckle. "I don't know about that. I had a lot of enjoyment out of it." 

He asked Jack Piersee, the consignment store owner, to re-sell the organ. They agreed on a $5,000 price. That was in November, 2011.

But in recent months, Shelley stopped by the Lee's Summit store to check on the organ and discovered the business had closed. He contacted Piersee, who promised to return the organ. That has not happened. So, Shelley contacted Call For Action.

A few pianos and organs remain in the store. Building management tells Call For Action they have tried, but cannot locate Shelley's organ.

A note from the IRS was posted on the front door. A check of the Missouri Department of Revenue website shows Piersee Piano and Organ owes $98,615 in sales and withholding taxes.

Call For Action called and emailed the owner, asking about Shelley's organ. This weekend, Piersee responded, promising to get it resolved.

"I think it probably won't happen, but we'll wait and see," Shelley said. 

When using a consignment store to resell things, it is important to regularly check on your merchandise. 

Remember, these are small businesses. If they close, it can be difficult to get your items back.

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