Shawnee man contacts Call For Action after feeling pressured into buying used minivan

OLATHE, Kan. - A Shawnee man received an offer for a prize from a car dealership. But when Mark Taylor went to the dealership, he left with a used minivan he says he did not want.

Taylor owns a 2002 F-150 pickup truck. He bought it brand new and still enjoys it today. 

"I never had a new vehicle before. Plus, it has a lot of horse power. I always wanted a truck," Taylor said.

In June, Taylor drove his truck to Pride Suzuki of Olathe after he said he got an offer in the mail for a prize. He left after purchasing a 2007 Mercury Monterey minivan. Taylor said he felt pressured into buying it. 

"My intentions were to bring it home, test drive it and then bring it back the next morning," he said. 

The next morning, Taylor told his father what had happened. Cal Taylor said his 44-year-old son is mentally challenged. 

"He's probably, for a major purchase like that, not competent to sign a contract," Cal Taylor said.

The day after the minivan purchase, the father and son went to the dealership to get the pickup truck back. Cal said they were told the truck had already been sold to a wholesaler.

Cal said the dealership offered to help by making a year of payments on Mark's new six year car loan, but he declined the offer. He said the salesman eventually asked him for $1,800 to buy back the pickup truck from the wholesaler.

"I said well would you take $1,400?  So he went away a while came back and said yeah," said Cal Taylor.

He paid the $1,400 and got his son's truck back.  

The dealership wrote up a hand written document stating it "releases Mark Taylor from the purchase of a Mercury Monterey" and that Mark Taylor releases the dealership from any "encumbrances or liabilities related to this same transaction." 

Mark Taylor described his feelings as, "mostly angry and upset and disappointed, too. It was bad."

Cal Taylor felt unsettled about the whole thing. He contacted Call For Action. 

When contacted by phone, the General Sales Manager for Pride Suzuki said the dealership "did nothing wrong. " 

There is no cooling off period in Kansas when someone buys a car, as stated in the contract signed by Mark Taylor.

Cal Taylor also filed a complaint with the Johnson County District Attorney's office. 

After being contacted by Call For Action, Pride Suzuki refunded $1,400 to Cal Taylor. That happened on July 17, a month after Mark Taylor first went into the dealership. 

For consumers, it is important to remember that when buying a car, the consumer owns it as soon as they make the purchase. There is no cooling off period.  

If you buy a used vehicle, it is important to have a trusted mechanic inspect it before you sign on the dotted line.

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