State treasurer offers tips to clean up your finances

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The first taste of warm weather usually motivates us to do some spring cleaning. This time of year, do you ever consider tackling your finances as well?

Missouri state treasurer Clint Zweifel offers tips on ways to clean up your money and finances.  

1) Make sure your bank has your current information. If you have moved or changed names, let the bank know.

2) Change passwords. The treasurer recommends changing passwords to your email accounts, banking and investments at least once a year.

3) Check life insurance policies and beneficiary information. Zweifel said his office receives millions in unclaimed property for life insurance policies.   

"That's a very clear example where if you don't list a beneficiary for those policies, and that isn't clear in the policy ... it's making sure that you know where everything is and it's in one place," he said. 

Zweifel also recommends creating a "VAIL" or a Virtual Asset Instruction Letter. This is the information you store online such as a list all website addresses, usernames and passwords. He suggests keeping this information in a secure place such as a memory stick and storing it in a safe location. Let a trusted family member or friend know how to access it. 

Zweifel's website lists more spring cleaning tips and ways to check to see if you have unclaimed property.




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