Taxpayer asks IRS & H&R Block: 'Where's my money?'

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Lisa Jones filed her tax return with H & R Block on Jan. 31.  She expected to have her refund by now but she continues to wait.   

"It's putting my family in a bind," Jones said. 

It cost Jones nearly $375 to have H & R Block prepare her taxes.  Her refund will be sent to an "Emerald Card".  A company spokesman said the IRS can deposit refunds directly into an Emerald Card, allowing customers to get their money faster instead of waiting for the tax return to arrive by mail.  

Jones' H & R Block receipt spells out how her return should be available on or around Feb. 8.  But days after the 8th deadline, Jones continues to wait for her money. 

Whenever she calls the IRS and H & R Block, Jones said she hears different answers.

"One time, I've gotten an answer of, well, the IRS has not released the money to you guys.  Then I'm getting, we have it where it shows it's pending but it's not on your card yet," she said.

Jones is not alone.   Consumers have sounded off on consumer websites about their frustrations with the H & R Block's Emerald Card.

When I contact H & R Block, a spokesman said it's not the company's fault.  The IRS is causing the delay.  In a statement, Gene King wrote, "Du e to new technology that the IRS has implemented this year, they are taking additional time to validate returns."

By Monday, Jones said she heard from the company over the weekend saying she should receive her return by Wednesday, a week after the original date promised. 

Here is the complete statement from H & R Block:

Due to new technology that the IRS has implemented this year, they are taking additional time to validate returns at the beginning of the season – regardless of how they were filed or who prepared them. The IRS provides an expected refund date through their , Where's My Refund tool or taxpayers can call 1-800-829-1954.

Taxpayers should not consider delaying filing their tax return with their H&R Block tax professional or through our H&R Block At Home digital solutions. Tax returns are continuing to be processed.

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