Tree trimmers charge woman $8,000 to remove two trees

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. - A tree trimming company charged one hefty price to remove two trees from an Overland Park, Kan., woman's home. 

The company charged $8,000 for the removal.  When the homeowner tried to pay with a check, police say the company took her to a bank to pay in cash.

"Requiring payment to be paid before in cash, those are red flags that we want to make sure people are aware of," Michelle Koos with the Overland Park Police Department said.

The company, Dilday and Sons of Holden, Mo., advertises on its website that it does business from Overland Park to St. Louis, Mo. The company promises to give seniors a 20 percent discount. 

Police say the company showed up several months ago to remove the trees.  When they returned in recent days, family members of the homeowner called police.  The company tried to charge her $1,000 to remove the stumps.  Family members tell Call for Action, the company returned the money once police were involved.

Dilday and Sons has an "F" rating with the Better Business Bureau.  The owners did not return our repeated phone calls for comment.

Experts predict with problems brought on by the emerald ash borer, which can kill trees, more homeowners will need to hire trimmers.  The best advice is to do your homework before you hire a company, and take your time doing it.

"If the tree is looking fine and healthy then it's probably not something that you have to be taken care of today," said Dennis Patton, horticulture expert with Kansas State Extension Service. 

Patton recommends hiring with a tree trimming company that's affiliated with the Kansas or Missouri Arborist Association.  He also says do not pay upfront but rather when the work is completed to your satisfaction. 

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