Convenient stores refuse to sell energy supplements to minors

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Energy drinks have had their share of controversy.

Illnesses and even deaths have been linked to the popular dietary supplements.

Multiple news outlets, including CNN, reported Monday that Casey's General Stores card for some of the energy boosters.

So, we checked it out and found that they do-- but they've been doing it for nearly a decade according Vice President of Finance Brian Johnson said.

"They are so small and concentrated we are concerned that a minor would potentially consume in a manner in which they are not intended to be. They could buy multiple energy shots and take them all at once," Johnson said.

Quick Trip stores have a similar policy.

Saying in a statement they issued today in part that, "…product abuse by young customers is a real concern of ours."

At Casey's they check if you're 18 to purchase supplements like 5-Hour Energy, Mega Shots and MIO Energy as well as a powder Eruption.

Cameron Scott doesn't agree with restrictions.
"I don't understand why you would need to show your ID. It's just an energy drink," Scott said.

Marlon Ransom has a different opinion; she doesn't mind the restrictions,

"I think it's great. I mean somebody has to do it," Ransom said.

While customers have differing opinions, Poison Control expert Tama Sawyer says they have a steady call volume of young people suffering health problems because of the supplements.

"Pushing that heart just a little too hard and even if you are young and healthy, you can't do that day after day after day," Sawyer said.

Legal experts say as long as the stores are not discriminating against anyone or breaking the law, they can card all they want.

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