Couple faces credit report nightmare

(DWYM) - Dick and Gayle collier said they took their good credit for granted.

"It hits on your ego, I mean, you work all your life, you save and you're careful and then all of a sudden, no credit. I mean we can't get accepted for a car loan? It just really messes with your head," Dick said.

Five years ago, the Colliers started seeing big mistakes on their credit reports. Gayle keeps meticulous records with binders and spread sheets. She even subscribes to a credit reporting service. 

"You will hear that's easy to do, to simply write a dispute letter," Gayle said.

Credit reporting bureau Transunion has a video explaining how to dispute an error. Federal law mandates all credit reporting agencies to investigate any dispute.

"It's a joke, the investigation that they do," Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine said.

DeWine, and others across the country, have started a large scale investigation into credit report errors.

"This is a system that works real well for everybody but the consumer," DeWine said.

Consumers are supposed to send a dispute letter with documentation, but DeWine said the system breaks down when documentation isn't sent to creditors.

A lobbying group for the big three credit reporting agencies, however, won't comment or confirm the AG's investigation.

"We've had people who can't buy a house or car.  And they keep telling the reporting agency what the facts are and they keep getting jerked around," DeWine said.

The Colliers had to turn to the AG's office for help. The mistakes were fixed at first.

"Within six weeks, of those changes, it changed right back," Gayle said.

So for the Colliers, the fight continues.

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