Is your ATM passcode one of the 20 worst?

Is your ATM passcode really only yours? You may be surprised what a new study has found.

Research firm DataGenetics examined 3.4 million PINs and found that nearly 27 percent of us are actually using the same 20 codes.

"I'm very glad that my PIN is not on here," said Alyia Hollis, a Florida resident who was seeing the DataGenetics findings for the first time. "I keep a PIN that is only for me to know and me to find out."

You may already be able to guess the most common and therefore the worst ATM code: 1234.

What may be more surprising is that this study shows that nearly 11 percent of cardholders actually use that very PIN.

"That's ridiculous," said Hollis. "That's the first guess that someone would try to do is 1234."

Next in line after 1234, according to researchers, is the passcode 1111 and 0000.

View the entire DataGenetics list of the 20 Worst PINs by clicking here.


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