LIST | Breakdown of travel fees, by airline

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The airline industry collected about $36 billion in fees from passengers -- in addition to ticket costs -- in 2012, according to the technology firm Amadeus. Before you fly, be sure to find out what you're really paying for.

The most common extra costs are baggage fees for checked luggage. But starting this summer, Frontier Airlines is taking that one step further -- if you don't buy your ticket directly from their website, your carry-on bag will soon cost $25 if paid in advance, and $100 if paid at the gate.

Frontier will also start charging $2 for sodas and coffee for fliers who did not purchase Classic and Classic Plus fares.

Delta charges a $100 fee for children flying by themselves, and $200 for your pet.

Switching to a different flight can range from $50 to $350 on most airlines, but steer clear of the ticket counter. Booking at the desk could bump the price up $30.

It's cheaper to step out of line and use your phone to change your flight. But don't call -- reservations booked over the phone can cost $25.

Here's a breakdown of different fees by airline:






US Airways:

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