Travel experts tell travelers to watch their travel rewards points

Travelers ready for vacation season may want to watch their travel reward points more frequently.

Even travelers who frequently use reward points can only make an educated guess on how many points are left in their balance.

A poll recently conducted by Princeton Survey Research found nearly three out of four of us don't keep up with how many reward points we've accumulated.

Another survey by research firm Colloquy found $16 billion worth of reward points and miles went unredeemed in 2011 alone, which to travel experts is beyond baffling.

"By not taking advantage of your points, you're throwing money in the trash can," says Brian Kelly of

Kelly commissioned the recent survey, and says given how many reward programs there are it's easy to understand why some can't keep up.

He recommends one of a dozen or so online trackers that do it for you.

There's also the option of converting points, or at the very least donating points about to expire to charity.

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