Woman's bank account wiped clean in Target data breach

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - After two days of countless phone calls, all Melva Houston wants is to get her Target credit card canceled. Every time she thinks she's closer to talking to someone, she's told she can't finish the process.

Houston has lost more than $300 after her financial information was hacked. She thinks thieves got the details through her Target credit card.

"I had a savings account to back me up in case I had a check bounce and I've always wanted to make sure that was taken care of. Well, took that out too," she said.

As many as 40 million credit and debit cards may have been stolen in a massive security breach between Thanksgiving and December 15.

Houston will get her money back, but she's still worried.
"They can get you at another time when you're not suspecting it," she said.

The Federal Trade Commission said you should take the following steps if your financial information is stolen:

-Call a credit company and tell them what happened and they'll take it from there.
-Get a copy of your credit score, you can actually get one for free.
-Create an identity theft report, which is what you'll include with your police report.

Houston has learned a thing or two from the ordeal.

"Pay everything in cash now," she said.

She's also acquired plenty of patience.

"Hopefully Target gets this fixed really quickly and we can all go back to our shopping at target I guess," she said.

That's right, she said she'll still be shopping at Target.

"We'll see how long this takes care of," Houston said.

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