Freightquote moves across state line into Kansas City, Mo.

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A major employer's move across the state line from Lenexa, Kan., into Kansas City, Mo., became official on Tuesday.

Governor Jay Nixon and Mayor Sly James welcomed shipping logistics company Freightquote to south Kansas City at a ribbon-cutting ceremony this morning.

"Freightquote's investment in Missouri is more good news for our growing economy," Gov. Nixon said.

A year ago, the $44 million dollar facility now occupied by Freightquote was still just an empty field, but after a blisteringly fast 10 months of construction, it is now the home of 1,100 workers who used to commute just down the road to Lenexa, Kan.

Freightquote says the building was built for growth and can hold up to 900 more employees as it currently employs 1,200 people nationally and moves more than one million shipments per year.

When Freightquote decided to build a new headquarters last year, the state of Missouri offered $7 million in direct tax credits and as much as $26 million in other incentives to move the company to Kansas City.

On Tuesday, Freighquote's CEO Tim Barton had a message that boiled down to "thank you."

"We're excited to be in the state of Missouri. We're excited to be in Kansas City, Missouri. We've got a lot of growth ambitions ahead. We've got the space for it. We're hopeful this place will hold us for a good while," Barton said.

Ground broke at the new Freightquote headquarters on Aug. 14, 2012 and was built in 10 months-- the shortest amount of time of any building its size in the Kansas City area.

With space for 2,000 people in this building, the city and the company both are hoping to see those growth ambitions realized.

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