Home improvement stores report more people are attacking do-it-yourself projects

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Sales reports at home improvement stores say more people are rolling up their sleeves and attacking do-it-yourself projects.

The ReStore location in Kansas City said they've noticed an increase in customer traffic, and a change in the type of customer.

Typically, they get a lot of business from contractors and landowners.

The store owners said more individual homeowners are coming through the door, looking for savings on home projects.

"If a product is new, you can generally rely on saving about 50-75 percent. It can be even greater than that is the product is used, if the material is used, we'll cut it even deeper than that and you can save significant money," said Brian Alferman, director of ReStore.

Some of the more popular items now include flooring, cabinets and appliances.

Some items spotted at the store are old drawers for planters or shelves, paint, old window frames, doors, light fixtures, ceramic tiles for kids' art projects or small spaces.

There are a few Habitat ReStores in the Kansas City area.



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