Kansas City sales tax rates can vary even in the same shopping area

What you need to know when paying sales tax

KANSAS CITY, Kansas - On the heels of

customers being overcharged for sales tax at the Kansas Sampler

in Lawrence, Kansas, an NBC Action News viewer called in and thought he was having the same problem with Nebraska Furniture Mart.

The viewer saw that he was charged 9.025 percent for sales tax on his purchase. We did our own digging and found the Wyandotte County sales tax rate is set at 8.925 percent and has been that way since July 2010.

It sounds like viewer was overcharged, but in fact he was charged the correct sales tax rate. We discovered there are actually three different sales tax rates in the Village West shopping district.

According to Wyandotte County Unified Government public information officer Edwin Birch, the sales tax rates range from 8.925 percent to 9.525 percent.

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