Bank Midwest pulls TV commercial after local man's Facebook complaint goes viral

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Bank Midwest pulled a TV commercial after a local man's Facebook post criticizing the ad for playing into stereotypes went viral and made the financial institution rethink its message.

Phil Kinen was impressed with a couple of the bank's "Common Sense" commercials until he watched one where a teenage girl overlooked a "rocker" boy in favor of someone with a more clean-cut look, provided (to her father's relief) by a bank associate.

"The commercial is insensitive and hurtful to young adults viewers by reducing them down to inept stereotypes," Kinen explained.

You can watch the ad in the video player below. Mobile users can watch it here:

Kinen took to Facebook and posted his thoughts about the advertisement. He got so many Facebook likes and comments, he decided to call Bank Midwest.

He left a message and didn't hear back until he posted about the commercial a second time. Within 24 hours, a Bank Midwest representative contacted him and told him the ad was being pulled.

Bank Midwest declined to speak on camera about the decision, but they did provide the following statement:

"The great thing about social media is that it gives us an opportunity to hear what our clients think. True to who we are as an organization, we felt it was simply common sense to proceed to our next campaign."

Kinen was impressed with how the bank handled the situation.

"I know that Bank Midwest wasn't doing anything malicious," he said.

We confirmed Bank Midwest pulled the ad off-air as of Wednesday. They are still running their other "Common Sense" commercials.

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