Struggling senior citizens face new financial challenges

KANSAS CITY, Missouri - For the second year in a row, the Social Security Administration decided not to give a cost of living increase.

Eighty-four-year-old Vernal Simpson is on a fixed income. Social Security is the only money she receives every month.

Simpson is disappointed she’ll have to survive with the same amount she’s been getting.

“It’s hard trying to pay bills and make ends meet,” said Simpson.

Jeanne Francis, a social worker at Bishop Sullivan Center in Kansas City, Missouri. She sees seniors who are trying to survive.

“They’re not spending a lot on food; a lot of them have medications that they’re buying and not a lot on rent and their money is tight,” Francis explained.

Francis recommends that seniors ask social service agencies for help.

She explained that Bishop Sullivan Center provides Groceries once a month and utility companies have special programs to help seniors pay their utility bills.

Jewish Family Services advises seniors to make sure they sign-up for Medicaid Part D to reduce the cost of prescription drugs.

Seniors can also take advantage of food stamps, food pantries, and coupons.

Bishop Sullivan Center and Jewish Family Services are also asking people to find a struggling senior in their neighborhood and help; or donate money to agencies that provide that help.

Vernal Simpson also cares for her two great, great grandchildren; so despite not getting a raise from Social Security, she plans to rely on the money she does get and her faith in God to meet her needs.

For more information on how to get help or donate to Bishop Sullivan Center, click here.

For information on how to get help or donate to Jewish Family Services, click here.

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