Job fair on the phone: Firm offers free help to job seekers

CHICAGO (AP) - A Chicago-based job placement firm is offering job hunters free professional help heading into the new year.

   Challenger, Gray and Christmas Executive Vice President Rick Cobb says his firm's mission is to reduce the time it takes for people out of a job "to get to their next meaningful work." Corporate America usually pays for that, but Cobb says this is the one time of year when they suspend their regular work "and try to help the community at large."

   The job counselors will take calls from 9-to-5 Central time Thursday and Friday for anyone who wants help finding work. Cobb says the key question for callers is what's been the most difficult part of their search, "the biggest challenge for them -- what is the monster under the bed?"

   He says if the firm's experts can solve that one problem for them, it'll "help them tremendously."

The number to call is 312-422-5010.


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