Arizona man charged for using teen to market drug "molly"

ARIZONA - An Arizona man is in jail, accused of using a 14-year-old girl to market the drug "molly."

It's a good reminder for parents to check your child's social media accounts. A parent discovered the whole thing on Instagram.

The parents found a picture of packets of white pills on the legs of a 14-year old girl.

Under the picture, the message reads, "Need any?"

The parent knew the teen personally and went to the girl's school first.

"[The parent] did the right thing and brought it to the school resource officer. The resource officer brought the girl in and interviewed her. The girl actually said she was packaging these drugs and distributing these drugs for an adult male," Mark Clark with the Scottsdale Police Department said.

That adult male is believed to be 20-year-old Michael Davis.

Investigators believe he gave the girl the drugs to sell on social media.

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