Overland Park car thefts on rise as temps drop

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. - As temperatures drop, car thefts rise. In the past three days, thieves have stolen eight cars in Overland Park. That now makes 30 stolen vehicles in the city since January 1.

It can happen to anyone. If your car is running, someone can spot it fast; it's easy to see the exhaust and tail lights on.

Tuesday morning, Sintia Bautista turned on her car to warm up before work.

"By 5:30 it was gone. When I went back in to get a cup of coffee it was gone," she said.

She wasn't the only one.

"One of my co-workers told me that has been happening around this area. I was like, ‘Wow, why would people do this?'" Bautista said.

The crimes happen between 5 a.m. and 8 a.m. and in specific areas.

Public Information Officer for Overland Park Police Gary Mason said.

"Usually we'll see it near a busy corridor street like Antioch or Metcalf. These are usually locations where you can get onto a major highway whether it's I-35 or 69 Highway to take the vehicle where they want to take it," Public Information Officer for Overland Park Police Gary Mason said.

Police found Bautista's car Thursday morning. She was relieved because she didn't think she'd see her car again.

However, police said often times these stolen vehicles are used to commit other crimes.

"There's a bunch of cigarettes and clothes that are not ours. They blew up the wheel on the other side too, they did a bunch of stuff," Bautista said after having her car returned to her.

It's difficult to get descriptions of these thieves when they take off so quickly. Luckily in Bautista's case, she got her car back and police may be able to get evidence of who did this from inside the car.

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