Castro's suicide similar to end of 1997 Kansas City kidnapping case

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Ariel Castro's suicide is eerily similar to how a kidnapping and murder ended for a Kansas City family more than 15 years ago.

Crystal Kipper disappeared in 1997.

A convicted sex offender named John Williams was eventually implicated in the case.

While in prison for the kidnapping and murder of another Missouri girl and before he could be charged for Crystal's murder, he killed himself.

Crystal's mother, Anna Kipper Rea, said she feels justice was not served in her daughter's case or in the case in Cleveland.

She said she has a message for the Ohio girls Castro held captive.

"Just realize that he's not a part of your life any longer, while you'll always have those memories and those triggers that bring up traumatic things for you, that life does get better," Anna said.

Crystal's mother says prosecutors told her they were confident a jury would have convicted Williams.

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