CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Sneaky thief steals wallet right under woman's nose

LEAWOOD, Kan. - A crook was caught on surveillance as he crawled on his belly to steal a woman's wallet. It's part of a crime spree that is targeting local women in restaurants.

Three weeks ago, a woman named Melissa packed up her purse and went to Panera in Leawood to get some work done before the weekend. She was completely engrossed in her computer and had no idea the couple sitting behind her had plans to walk away with her wallet.

"I was shocked and violated," she said.

The couple that sat behind her eventually moved to another table to get a better look at Melissa's purse on the floor. When Melissa watched herself on the surveillance video she said she felt silly.

"I was completely distracted by my computer and didn't look up probably once the whole time they were in there.," she said.

While Melissa's eyes were locked on her computer screen, the man behind her crawled onto the floor and reached inside her bag to steal her wallet. Melissa didn't even flinch.

"I was in a safe place where typically lots of people are," she said. "It just happened to be a bad circumstance where I was alone."

Less than an hour after her wallet was stolen, the thieves used Melissa's cred cards to buy $700 worth of gift cards. She said she learned a valuable lesson that Friday afternoon.

"I probably was by myself for 15 minutes when that occurred. I'm going to do a better job of noticing where I'm at and noticing my surroundings," Melissa said.

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