Child accidentally shot while handling gun: stable

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Police say a three year old is in stable condition after handling gun when it went off Monday night.

It happened just before 7 a home near the 3300 block of Moulton Avenue in Kansas City.

The neighbors in the area rallied behind the family Tuesday.

"He's a good dad. He would never hurt anybody," said neighbor Mikkell Tucker.

"It's kind of scary. Everybody is worried and just wondering what happened," said another neighbor Sandra Flores.

A police report shows that the father of two, the three year old boy hurt and and another little girl, was coming home from the store.

The father said he was walking into the home with the kids when the gun he was carrying started to, "fall down his leg on the inside of his pants."

He then said he put the loaded gun on his bed and he was, "positive the safety had been activated."

The reports shows that the father said his children were in the living room and he went to let the dogs out. He said he heard a "bang" and then saw the 3 year old holding his stomach and bleeding.

Tucker, who said he watched the little boy from time to time, described the child.

"He's playful. He's a real good kid. He runs around and on his little bike, hanging out with his sister," said Tucker.

Police say the father took the child to Children's Mercy Hospital.

Neighbors said the family of four always appeared happy and healthy and hope the child will recover.

"They are both with the kids, they are always outside, so you know, they watch them really good," said Flores.

"You've just got to watch them more, especially one three years old," said neighbor Maurice Hunter.  

It is not clear if any charges will be filed and the child abuse hotline was contacted.

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