Clay County Sheriff worried about gang activity

LIBERTY, Missouri - After charging a man with three counts of first-degree murder , Clay County authorities expressed concern over new signs of gang activity. Sheriff Bob Boydston said it is especially a problem in the southern part of Clay County.

Isaac Perdomo-Paz, 18, may never taste freedom again. He is in jail for the murders of Delfino Elizondo, 22, North Kansas City high school student Dejan Joksimovic, 18, and Armin Hamidovic, 18. All were shot in the head during a party inside a room at the Red Roof Inn near I-435 and Armour Road.

“It’s scary,” said Jeanna Whitson, a parent who lives in southern Clay County. “It makes you wonder where does an 18-year-old get a gun?”

“Something went wrong and three people lost their lives for no reason,” said Enis Hamidovic, Armin’s cousin.

Motive remains unclear. However, court records said a witness told police three men associated with the East Side Loco street gang were present at the party. Another witness said she was warned not to talk to police, according to court records. Prosecutors said a third witness received an anonymous call telling her to go along with a story made up for police or “get the same thing as the guys in the motel.”

All of it worries Sheriff Bob Boydston.

“It does concern me that we are seeing signs of gang activity, especially in the southern part of Clay County,” Sheriff Boydston said.

While also worried, parents living in the area are not surprised.

“We have a son who goes to the high school,” Whitson said. “We hear about it. So, we know it happens. It’s just that it hurts when it hits so close to home.”

“It makes me want to reach out and petition the police department to really crack down on the activity,” said Maria Davis, another parent.

Police agree.

“We’re going to have to re-evaluate, as law enforcement, how we look at these circumstances and how we address them,” Sheriff Boydston said.

The first step is making sure three murdered men get justice, Boydston said.

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