Event where 5 teens were shot didn't have proper permit, city officials say

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The weekend shooting at a Kansas City banquet hall that left five teenagers injured could spur changes to a city ordinance.

Police were called to the Tropical Palms Banquet Hall at 5614 E. 87th Street late Saturday night on the report of a shooting. Police said the shooting started inside the building and moved into the parking lot.

The event was marketed on social media as the "All Gold Everything/March Madness Twerkfest" and -- until the shooting -- went completely undetected by Kansas City's Regulated Industries Division.

"In all honesty, had this not come up, this event would have been there and been gone, and we never would have known the difference," Regulated Industries Division interim manager Jim Ready said.

He said the event's promoters never applied for any permit. Marketed as a dancing event, it requires regulation from the city.

"This is one of those very few times when an event has taken place where they might have fallen through the cracks," Ready said.

A temporary dance hall permit would have cost just $15, Ready said.

Now there's no way to discipline the event's organizer, nor the owner of the Tropical Palms, because as a banquet hall, it requires no special permit. However, Ready said it's the hall's responsibility to make sure the people booking events have proper permits.

"This is your building and if you want to continue to have events like this, you're going to have to make sure these things are done," Ready said.

The Tropical Palms likely escaped discipline this time, but Ready said the hall is now under the city's microscope.

It may also be the inspiration to change a city permit ordinance to possibly add a type of requirement for a "concert venue" permit. If there had been one, that would give the city grounds to possibly discipline the Tropical Palms.

41 Action News reached the owner of the Tropical Palms, but he said he is unable to comment until the investigation is complete.

Police have not released any description of the gunman.

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