Exotic animals stolen from Belton pet store

BELTON, Mo. - Police are searching for someone who stole thousands of dollars' worth of exotic animals from a Belton pet store.

Sherri Baer, the owner of Sherri's Pet Emporium, got a call from police early Friday morning to notify her that someone broke into her store.

When she arrived, she saw that her side door was busted open. She also saw there were about 10,000 dollars' worth of merchandise and animals that were gone.

"I couldn't imagine why somebody would so it," she said

A cockatoo, blue Macaw, four-foot red tailed boa constrictor and four iguanas were the taken.

"I can only imagine how scared those animals are," Baer said

It's taken Sherri more than 30 years to build her store that also operates as a shelter.

"We help animals here trying to find new homes for them and stuff like that. Why somebody would do this? I don't know," she said.

Now, Sherri is left shaken.

"This is kind of my life and this is my passion and this is what I do and it just ruins your sense of security," she said.

Many people from the community are coming together to help Sherri raise money to put her store back together.

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