Family members gather at vigil to pray for loved ones injured in Grandview home invasion

GRANDVIEW, Mo. - A circle of friends of family gathered on Friday night to remember their loved ones injured in a brutal home invasion in Grandview on Sunday.

"I'm in shock still that it actually happened," one victim's brother Kevin Herring said.

Four of their family members who lived in the house near 119th Street and Delmar say they will never be the same.

"It was just brutal. It was hard to see. He doesn't even look the same," Herring said

Police say the four were tortured for three and a half hours. Three men burned and bound and one woman raped while another was assaulted with a power tool.

"My brother-in-law. He is a good guy, hard-working, takes care of his family and my nephew, a hard worker as well," Herring said.

Family says two of the men are still in the hospital and the other two victims have been released.

Family members said they are getting through it together and keeping each other strong.

But the community, including the AdHoc group Mothers in Charge that advocates stopping violence, wants the suspects caught.

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